Inpatient care
Spinal surgery
Our Institute encompasses the most advanced techniques to correct surgical disorders of the spine and spinal cord. Spinal surgeons of our Department are treating the entire spectrum of spinal diseases, through conventional and minimally invasive surgical treatment options. Degenerative disorders, trauma, tumors, and vascular diseases are treated through a team approach.

Conventional surgery of spinal disorders bring together an extensive scale of treatment options, that have been used and developed by spinal specialists over the past years. We offer for our patients leading-edge technologies of spinal instrumentation and implantation.
The treatment modalities of spinal disorders are also enhanced by using minimally invasive surgical techniques with special instruments inserted through small incisions. Minimally invasive spinal approaches represent major advantage in treatment preserving static and dynamic stability of the spinal column. It is combined with conventional surgical techniques such as spinal fusion as well.

The spinal surgeons in our Department endeavor in technical innovations and scientific discovery using latest developments to achieve best possible surgical outcome.


All those using our outpatient specialised care must first sign in at the desk located on the ground floor of the clinic. Here we record all your details into our computer system. For this we ask you to prepare your identity card, residence card, referral and your social security card. more...


Due to our visiting policies the relatives of our patients are able to visit daily. However, visiting hours are closed during patient care, treatments and examinations. In the interest of quick recovery, we ask that you not visit your relatives during quiet hours, and that when possible only two people visit at a time. more...


According to the principles and the regulations of sequencing due waiting list, the basis is that you can be informed about expected date of intervention by using the identification number/code.
Waiting list were compiled related to the Health Ministry regulations and government regulation. more...