About Us

Introducing the senior executives of our Institut

Prof. Dr. Zoltán Nagy
Acting Director
Dr. Csaba Óváry
Technical Director
He graduated from Semmelweis University in 1994 and then obtained a specialist qualification in neurology in 2000. He started his career in Budapest as a consultant at the National Centre of Cerebral Vessel Diseases and then worked at the Stroke Outpatient Clinic of Pulzus Health Centre. He then worked in Japan at the Research Institute for Brain and Blood Vessels. Following his return to Hungary he worked at the Stroke Outpatient Clinic of the International Medical Centre and then at the Albert Kenessey Hospital in Balassagyarmat. He is currently a member of staff of the Stroke and Epilepsy Department at the Institute. He has authored several scientific publications and articles. His key areas of specialisation are stroke therapies, stroke-epidemiology and rare stroke-etiologies.
Magdolna Bukovszky
Economic Acting Director-General


All those using our outpatient specialised care must first sign in at the desk located on the ground floor of the clinic. Here we record all your details into our computer system. For this we ask you to prepare your identity card, residence card, referral and your social security card. more...


Due to our visiting policies the relatives of our patients are able to visit daily. However, visiting hours are closed during patient care, treatments and examinations. In the interest of quick recovery, we ask that you not visit your relatives during quiet hours, and that when possible only two people visit at a time. more...


According to the principles and the regulations of sequencing due waiting list, the basis is that you can be informed about expected date of intervention by using the identification number/code.
Waiting list were compiled related to the Health Ministry regulations and government regulation. more...