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It is not by chance that legends surround the history of our Institute: throughout the past decades, many of our patients have spread the word not only in Hungary but worldwide. The “Amerikai úti” tradition, which goes back several decades, serves as an example to us all: we would like to offer this professional heritage to as many patients as possible, and help to make it even greater as a result of our everyday work.
The predecessor of our Institute, the National Institute of Neurosurgery (Országos Idegsebészeti Tudományos Intézet) was established in 1953. Since then, our hospital has developed into a unique, broad spectrum, professional centre. Our professional profile has been completed 2007, by including epilepsy and stroke neurology. Our hospital has been called The National Insitute of Neurosciences since then. 
Neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuro-oncologists, epileptologists and stroke experts work together in our Institute as a team. This guarantees the most optimal and effective circumstances for the treatment of patients: in-house examinations are performed quickly, so that there is an immediate chance of consultation and intervention. In many cases, survival and the chance of unaltered quality of life are due to these factors. 
Today, OITI is the third largest neurosurgical centre of Europe. It is a vanguard of neuronavigational methods that require great surgical precision, ablative operations that can in many cases be replaced by neurostimulating interventions in the field of spinal surgery, involving smaller incisions and many other modern neurosurgical procedures. 
Our institute has earned a good reputation as a result of cooperation with the National Institute of Oncology and the Debrecen Rotating Gamma Institute regarding the treatment of; tumours without surgical intervention, the operation of large and difficult tumours, or injuries, and the treatment of epilepsies and pains that cannot be treated with medication. Hungary’s first and only Paediatric Neurosurgery is part of our institute. The professional expertise that has accumulated here through the years is of inestimable value. 
We treat some four thousand in-patients each year, and almost 20 thousand outpatients visit our specialist health care service. Each day, our highly qualified doctors and specialist nurses use their vast knowledge and talent to offer the best to our patients and their families. They treat the patients who have been “placed” in their hands with humaneness and compassion, and use medical instruments of the highest standard.


All those using our outpatient specialised care must first sign in at the desk located on the ground floor of the clinic. Here we record all your details into our computer system. For this we ask you to prepare your identity card, residence card, referral and your social security card. more...


Due to our visiting policies the relatives of our patients are able to visit daily. However, visiting hours are closed during patient care, treatments and examinations. In the interest of quick recovery, we ask that you not visit your relatives during quiet hours, and that when possible only two people visit at a time. more...


According to the principles and the regulations of sequencing due waiting list, the basis is that you can be informed about expected date of intervention by using the identification number/code.
Waiting list were compiled related to the Health Ministry regulations and government regulation. more...